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Live Career Fair
The FoCo Works Career Fair is going LIVE! 
Each industry category below will lead you to a virtual career fair "corridor" with a listing of participating employers.
Within the industry "corridor," you can visit each employer's virtual Career Fair "booth".
Follow the steps listed below for success at a FoCo Works Live Virtual Career Fair.
  1. Dress professionally
  2. Have your updated, electronic resume on-hand
  3. Choose the industry group below that is of interest to you
  4. Select the employers you wish to meet
  5. Download those employers' contact information
  6. Watch their introductory video
  7. Review the company's website 
  8. Log-in to Google Meet and chat live with the employer “inside” their virtual booth (Find tips for using Google Meet HERE
  9. Schedule a time for a virtual meeting with the employer and/or provide them with your resume/contact information
  10. Follow-up with the employer soon

Industry Group "Corridors"

Construction Workers


Patient with Healthcare Nurse


Young Teacher


Beer Brewery Machine



E-Commerce & Distribution

Engineers and Businesspeople

Professional Services

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